Does your dog have allergies?

I’m posting this, because I have seen it work with my little dog.
It’s called Dinovite. You can visit their website at

This stuff really works! We mix it with Peppy’s favorite food, and give it to her each day.
Her usually AWFUL allergies, which caused her to have red welts, and constant scratching, are NON EXISTENT this year! Allergy season is right now, and her skin is just beautiful!!
Try dinovite, or, recommend it to any friends whose dogs have skin problems.

Also, Peppy used to smell really bad, and, her body odors are much milder now.
It’s amazing, really. Right now, there is yellow pollen on my car’s hood, and that used to mean Peppy, by now, would be a mess of red skin, welts, and constant scratching, and that meant spending a LOT of money at the vet’s this time of year. They gave Peppy antibiotics, antihistamines, and even steroid shots, because her skin problems were SEVERE.
She’s been eating the [SIZE=“4”]dinovite[/SIZE] for about 2 months, every day, almost, and her immune system is fighting off the allergies. Her skin is pretty and pink, and her energy level is better, too.

Does your dog have allergies ??

Of course he does he’s a bulldog!! LOL I plan to check that site out. We’re dealing with a methicillin resistant staph infection secondary to the allergies right now. So… thanks for the tip.

Bulldogs get allergies, easily, like Chihuahuas do?
I didn’t know that!
I’m sorry to hear your poor dog has such a dangerous staph infection!
It’s not transmittable to humans, is it?

The dinovite is working real well on my dog. She used to have to take antibiotics, from infections due to excessive scratching, due to allergies. NOTHING helped it, until we tried dinovite.
It will take about a week to start to notice a difference, but, keep giving it to your sweet dog. Eventually, after a month of daily doses,
he will be doing much better.

He gets these pustules in between his toes & we swabbed one & sent off for a culture & sensitivity test. Came back with 5 or 6 antibiotics that it was sensitive to so he’s on tetracycline for 8 weeks. The feet have started to look better. As far as anyone else getting it I’m the one who deals with his feet & I wash really well after I touch his feet. But yeah Bulldogs (English, French & American) are known for food & inhalent allergies. I was getting ready to save up to have the allergy tests run but if I can find something cheaper that will work I’m all for it. This poor guy has had a time of it, I got him from my work. The guy wanted to euthanize him b/c he was tired of paying his vet bills so I took him. Found out 1 day later he needed exploratory surgery to remove a foreign body.

Is it only for dogs? or do they have a version for cats?

thats cool!

I’m not sure…check to see if there’s some for cats.

it’s so neat that you posted this. my almost 8yo poodle has been having serious problems with itching for about the past year. my mom googled “itching dog” and dinovite came up as one of the top results. i ordered some because quite frankly, i’m at the point where if it helps, it helps. plus it really wasn’t that expensive. he’s been using it for a couple of weeks and he hasn’t gotten any worse. for a while i gave him prednisone, but it didn’t really help that much, and there’s no way i’m giving it to him long term. i’m really hoping this is his miracle in a jug. :pray:

I think I’ll check it out! My parents’ dog has bad allergies (she’s a Bernese mountain dog) and they don’t know what to do with her anymore, she’s scratching all the time and it only gets worst! :doh:Try to get a 90 pounds dog to stop scratching… not easy! :teehee:

Just and FYI for you all, it didn’t work for my Lab at all. :pout:

She has terrible allergies year round and has to be on allergy pills twice a day to take the edge off and this just didn’t do a darn thing for her. I wish it had.

I just wanted to let those of you know that their website kind of makes it sound like it’ll work for every dog and it doesn’t. You do get your money back, minus shipping, if it doesn’t work in 90 days so that’s why we tried it. It’s quite expensive stuff. If it works then it’s obviously worth it, but unfortunately it didn’t work for my little girl.

I’ll have to mention this to my sister - their dog is allergic to cats, feathers, dust, and the grass they have in their back yard (and maybe some other things). They take him to a specialist and she has to give him allergy shots.