Does yarn color affect how pattern looks?

I am going to start a baby blanket for friends who are looking to adopt - which means we don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy so I got varigated yarn. I originally was going to do a feather and fan pattern but is there a better pattern to use for varigated yarn? I’m afraid the feather and fan pattern won’t show with the varigated yarn…

thank you

Feather and fan is so lacy, it will show but you might want to do a few rows of the variegated then a few rows of a blending solid color. Try using yellows and greens, even bright colors are pretty.

It will show up, but maybe not as much as a solid. Do a swatch and see how it looks.

This baby blanket works well with varigated yarn:

i agree. verigated yarns tend to be so busy that the pattern frequently gets lost.