Does WOTA "Cloud" Felt?


Is cloud the white? Some whites are too bleached to felt properly, so you’re just double checking, correct?..

Surely one of our Clog knitters can confirm this…

I remember it as an off-white white, so I doubt it’s overly bleached That, combined with the fact that I think KP markets that line as feltable, I’d say 95% chance it felts perfectly. I can double check it for you if no one else can confirm… I think I have some burried in my stash.

they do have a natural in WOTA that isn’t bleached i think…

I used Cloud on a little felt purse and it only felted a little bit, completely out of proportion with the rest of the purse, which was knitted in a different color. I would go with the unbleached.

[color=blueviolet]Yes, Amy I was just checking before I placed an order for it. I’m going make trivets for a family friend and she chose red and cloud because they remind her of apples. I’m really hoping it felts because I only need 50 yards. and the Bare - Worsted is 220 yards. So I just wanted to know before I ordered the yarn. If it doesn’t felt it’s really no big deal I’ll just buy the Bare - Worsted. I would so appreciate it you would check if no one else has the answer.

Thanks Amy and Brenda![/color]

[color=blueviolet]Thanks Stacey! I’ll go with the Bare - Worsted.

Thanks Everyone! Please ignore my last post.[/color]

Good to know, Stacey! That’s a shame. I have a nearly-finished felting project on the needles (that I knit last Spring and haven’t yet felted!) that isn’t going to be happy about that answer. It’s got stripes of cloud in it. Boohoo!

Jessi, be sure to do both colors in the same brand, or you could have a different felting rate just based on the different wools.

:?? I felted a booga bag that had stripes of cloud and stripes of other WOTA colors in it and i didn’t notice a difference. hmm…

That’s the answer I EXPECTED to hear…

Stacey, were your other colors also WOTA? :??

anyone third testimonials? Once I felt this project, I can ad my $.02

here is a pic of the bags i did. the green one was done using cloud and the blue one was using the natural (bare) WOTA. Sorry i don’t have a closer up shot of the felting of either of these. They are both with their new owners now.

The cloud has a slightly yellower cast to it than the bare does and that’s why i used the bare on the blue bag.

Yeah, my other color was WOTA as well. But mine was more than just stripes, so maybe that accounts for the difference? It was like the whole front flap of a little purse. I can post pics once I’m at home, or you can see both before and after here.

Oh yeah… You can tell definitely tell the difference. The striping must make a big difference to hide the different felt rates.

Actually, I think the more accurate test is in the stripes! That’s the best test you can give, I’d say, to test felting rates. The circumstances for the yarn in one stripe are so similar to the circumstances of adjacent stripes.

In the case of your bag, Stacey, I’d guess the different felt rate was probably due to the fact that it was a flap. It’s hard to explain, but the flap, basically, has less to rub against than the rest of the bag does, because it’s externalized. Notice how the furthest area of the flap is even less felted? Same thing can happen at the mouth of a bag, or at any outer edge, it often flares out and doesn’t felt as well. I believe it’s because there’s less knitting against it to rub against and aid in its felting. The agitation it receives is different then the rest of the bag (assuming your felting in a washing machine). If you felt a square swatch long enough, for instance, you get a weird hour-glass effect. The center-most areas felt more, and the outer areas felt less.

I’d want to see the items in person before saying for sure, but I’d say we’re looking at a good felting match! I don’t see any puckering in Sandra’s white stripes from her pictures. Sandra, they’re not puckered right? Are the white stitches more visible than other color’s stitches? You know how felting will obscure the stitches? I would look and see if the white seems just as obscured as the other colors. If it’s an overly-bleached white, it will resist the obscuring, and the stitches will be obviously more defined than the other areas. …sure doesn’t look that way from the pictures though!

There wasn’t any puckering, and i don’t recall the stitches being less obscured on the cloud. I can’t check though. :frowning: I guess I’ll look tonight and see if i have any better pictures.

I’ve never had any problems w/cloud felting! I did about 30 pairs of little mittens and 20 or so little stockings for Christmas ornaments. Almost every one had cloud as the cuff and I can’t see any difference in the way it felted vs the greens and reds. I’d say go ahead and use the cloud it worked great for me! :thumbsup:

[color=blueviolet]I’m going to take the risk and go with the Cloud. It is her first choice and if it doesn’t work I can always go with the Bare. Who knew the feltabilty of WOTA Cloud would be such a mystery?[/color]