Does "turn" mean "wrap and turn"?


I’m knitting the fiber trends clog pattern for the first time. I’m not a sock knitter, but the instructions clearly explained how to wrap and turn (w&t), and I have no problem with that. However, once I joined the round and starting knitting in the round, every row ends with “turn.” Does that mean wrap and turn, and if it doesn’t , how would you just turn?

Thanks very much for your help!

It probably does, though it may mean to just turn like you would at the end of a row, and knit flat like on straight needles.

I think it just means to turn your work. When they explain the abbreviations they use [B]w&t[/B] for wrap & turn so I think that’s what they would have put if that’s what they wanted you to do. So I would just turn the work like you were at the end of a row.

I am making the clogs and in the pattern I am using I only W&T twice, after that it is just turn your work.

Thanks to everyone for your responses. Now here’s another basic question: How do you turn circular knitting? Should you turn it inside out so you’re looking at the wrong side?


Thanks, Mare-nitt, but how do you turn circular knitting?

Just turn it round the same way you do when flat, if you were knitting in stocking stitch you would have the p side facing you.

I think I must be slow here, because I don’t understand how to “turn” circular knitting the way you would flat knitting.
Perhaps someone could 'splain?

It is easier to do than explain. But with my Fiber Trends pattern it tells you at one point to mark the front of your knitting with a marker. I did that.

So when knitting on the RS the marker faces me, when I turn my knitting, I am knitting on the wrong side (no marker, the marker is on the back side)

You don’t need to turn it inside out, just turn the whole thing a half turn in your hands. (when you get to the part where your are knitting on the RS and purling on the WS, it will be easier to see, but that is why they have you put a marker on the RS of your work to help you.)

I am not good at exlpaining this I am sure. Someone else will come along with the magic words that will click for you.

Swap your right needle and put it in your left hand.