Does this sound reasonable?

I’m starting on a little sweater for my daughter, and since I’m a little stressed about knitting a non-rectangular object that is actually supposed to fit a real live person, I decide to go ahead and actually make a swatch. I casted on with the size 8s that the pattern called for, and didn’t make gauge – too small. So, I tried with a size 9. Still too small. I ended up getting gauge with a size 10. Does this sound reasonable? I’m usually not that far off – usually I end up having to go up one size, but this yarn is new to me, too – it’s bella colour by plymouth – a blend of cotton and acrylic and kind of ropey – not very stretchy like wool is… I think that might also be affecting my gauge, but I wanted to check with all you more experienced knitters out there to make sure that I’m not losing my mind. Thanks, everyone!

[color=blueviolet]As long as you are getting the gauge it’s ok. The needle size recommended in the pattern is just the needle size the designer used to get that particular gauge.[/color]

I made my DGD a dress from Bella Colour too and found my gauge was off about two needle sizes. I used the two size larger needle and when it was finished, wished I hadn’t. Oh it fit her fine, but the fabric wasn’t as tight as I would have liked. If I knit that again I’ll use the middle size gauge or no.

Thanks, jessi and Nikki – I went ahead and used the size 10 to get started, and like you said, Nikki – it’s not quite as tight as I would really like it to be, but it does show the pattern well. I’m going to go ahead and knit it on the size 10s, because I’m a little concerned that I wouldn’t have enough yarn to finish if I knitted it on the smaller needles and added stitches to get to the correct size. (Plus, I don’t feel experienced enough to start altering the pattern just yet!) Hopefully I’ll have a FO to show sometime soon – although it will be awhile before it fits her – she’s only 6 months old and the size I picked was for 9-12 months.

Thanks again for your help!