Does this sock look right?


working on my first sock, and it doesn’t look right, can’t work out why I need a stitch holder were it is. next job is to pick up 16 stitches at either side of the heel flap (cant work that out yet, or see it for that matter).

heres a link to my google drive of the pattern:

I’ve only knit seamless socks. Can you tell us where you are in the pattern? Which row?

Hi. This is done double pointed but not in rounds. Just flat. Ive given a link to the pattern from my google drive above and im on page 3 top left were it says pick up 16 stitches. Just finished the k.1, sl.1, psso before it, till 10 stitches remain.i

It may be that the mistake is back right after you moved the sts to the holder and then slipped the remaining 17 onto the needle with the first 17. I tried this out on a small sample.
The first set of sts are on the right, there are sts on the holder and then the 2nd set of sts.
To slip that 2nd set to the needle on the right, you have to pick up both needles and fold them to the back. Now you’re in position to begin slipping the sts from the left needle to the right.

Once the sts are on the right needle you can turn to the right or outer side, rejoin a new strand of yarn and begin the heel flap.

Wow, I have never seen a sock pattern for flat knit socks. That maybe because I don’t like to seam projects.

But to humorously answer your question, if the sock doesn’t look right to you, then maybe it is just the left one?


Jack, it’s early in the morning and I’m laughing too hard to make coffee. A person needs her coffee.

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Thankyou for doing that. I think I may have it from here :grinning: hopefully

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@Beeltejuice, it looks like you have joined the heel and will be working in the round the rest of the way up.

I guess I expected this pattern to be worked flat all the way from toe to cuff and seamed up at the end.

@salmonmac What do you think?

Yes, worked flat for the leg then divided at the heel into the instep and the bottom part of the foot. Each half is finished separately. There’s a seam on each side of the sock running from cuff to toe. I hadn’t seen this design before but I’m not a sock knitter.

Yeah. Stitch holder will end up being the top part. As it says its for shoe size 11 (UK) there you can adjust shoe size/foot lengh.
I dont suppose they will be to comfy around the heel due to picking up stitches. Put this project to one side for now till i watch youtube vids on picking up stitches. Last night i made some 1950s baby mittens for a friend. They are also done 2D. Holes are for the ribbons to tie up.

looks great but lower quality picks next time please, been waiting to see for minutes .