Does this Pattern make sense?

I’m making this sock from .

I’m having a bit of trouble understaning the FOOT SECTION, iI follow the steps on round 1 (ok) but i’m left with an xtra unknitting loop? (what to do with it?)

Then round 2 (doesn’t seem to add up) one loop missing :pout: am I suppose to slip the stitch or something??? Halllppppppp halppppppp :verysad:

I just printed this pattern out… When I finish the socks I’m working on now I’m going to give them a try…

I’m not sure if this matters or not but I noticed when you end the toe it has 32 sts on all the needles = 64 sts… but then the first row on the foot it talks like you should have 33sts on needle 1… maybe it suppose to be 32sts :shrug: does that come out right… I would have to work the pattern to see… this will be my first toe up pattern too so take notes so you can help me… :rofl:

that’s what I thought as well what’s with the xtra stitch but I guess i’ll just slip the stitch, it’s the second round that gets me mystified cause i’m missing one stitch…unless I move it into the second round…

I’ll take notes for ya :shrug: