Does This Look Right?

I just checked that e-bay link and the yarn is actually 13.95 + 3.50 for shipping so you got an okay deal on yours.:cheering: It is beautiful and what you have done so far looks great.
I wouldn’t go back to fix a couple of errors. I would leave them and forget about it. Like you say, no one will see them.:wink:

lol…yeah, after I posted the link, I clicked it to make sure it worked and saw the $3.50 was shipping :blush:…I just saw $3.50 at first and thought aw man, and I just spent $15.50! lol Guess that’ll teach me to be a bit more observant! LOL

You don’t have to rip it all out for just 2 sts. When you get to the stitch above where you purled, drop just that one, and fix it like a dropped st. Look at the first link under Fixing Mistakes here, - it’s even the same kind of boo-boo you did…

Ah! That is perfect, that’s exactly what happened to me, thank you so much!

That yarn is gorgeous! :inlove:

Woo hoo! Mistakes fixed painlessly and perfectly! Thanks again for that video link, suzeeq!

For what it’s worth, I once had a “horrible time” doing rib on dpn’s…someone here (KH) suggested always do a purl on the last stitch of the needle…that way you can always start the next one (needle) as a knit so that “method” kinda always worked for meCrossed Fingers

Pretty!!! And yes, it looks perfect!

Ok, breezed through the ribbing and I’m getting ready to start the heel :happydance:Hopefully this will go smoothly…lol…I’ll post some more pics soon.