Does This Look Right?

Well, this is kind of a part 2 to my Yarn Recommendation For Socks post…I got my yarn and needles and I’ve been following Silver’s Sock Class (THANK YOU, Silver!), and, watching Amy’s video for the Knitting With DPNs. I started the first sock last night, but, kept messing up and had to frog it a few times…I think I have the hang of it (for now…lol) but I took a pic of what I have so far, which isn’t much, to see if you guys think it looks like I’m doing it correctly. I also took a pic of the yarn I got, it’s so pretty! Please say it looks like it’s right so far!! lol

Looks just like the ribbed top of a sock to me! :thumbsup:

Look great so far!

Looks great - love the yarn you chose!

Thank goodness! I really didn’t want to have to start over again, I was getting sooo tired of casting on over and over again! lol

No worries - you’ve got it. :slight_smile: Love the yarn, too.

:thumbsup: Yep, that’s a sock!

Looks great, and pretty yarn too.

Socks always look “wrong” to me at first too. It just doesn’t feel right until you get a little farther along.
Which sock yarn did you end up with?

You’ve got it! Congrats.

First, tell me what yarn that is! I love the colors!
Second, I myself have posted this exact same thing, and you are doing great! Don’t get frustrated too much with the frogging of the sock. I frogged a few times, then learned to knit thru the errors. No one knows but me if i lost a stitch and had to make one to make up for it!:yay:

Ribbing in general doesn’t look like much until you get at least an inch or so done.

What kind of yarn is it? It IS pretty!

The ribbing looks fine!

I know! Everytime I am ribbing I have to remind myself that it doesn’t look good for a while and not to worry.

very pretty yarn and your sock is looking good!:happydance:

Thank you all for the compliments! I did mess up again though, in the ribbing…I purled a stitch I should have knit…twice, about 4 rows down from where I am currently…I’m terrified of frogging it! LOL! I’m used to frogging on straights and circs, but this is the first time I’ve used more than 2 needles at a time and I’m so nervous. I’m contemplating just leaving it as it is because honestly, it’s not terribly noticeable, and, not many people would see the socks anyway…however, I notice it and know it’s there and it’s driving me nuts! Is it pretty nerve wracking frogging on 3 DPNs? If it is, I’ll just leave it…lol

The yarn I’m using is Sockina Cotton, Color 003, Lot 33106…It’s 55% Cotton, 25% Nylon, and, 20% Acrylic…I really like using this yarn! It’s the best (and most expensive) yarn I’ve used since I began knitting over 2 years ago…lol…It’s amazing how a good yarn can make you look even more forward to knitting!

Same here! Every time I start ribbing I think, man, am I doing this right, it looks terrible! After about an inch and a half or 2 it starts looking normal to me…lol

It is looking great. Love that yarn.

Aw man! I just paid almost $16 for this yarn I see it on e-bay for $3.50!! :sad:

Oops…heh…NM, that’s shipping…So it would be about the same if I ordered through e-bay :stuck_out_tongue:

i clisked your link (cause your yarn is so pretty!) don’t feel bad! It’s 13.95 plus 3.50 for shipping! You didn’t get ripped :slight_smile: