Does this look hard?

i want to do this for my little girls for Christmas. and i want your opinions on whether or not it looked hard for a beginner?

That is so cute! Looking at the patterns quickly, if you’re comfortable with dpns, then it shouldn’t be too difficult.

ok… i’m going to try!! i do i have to use cotton?

You might want to use cotton so they’ll be a little stiffer than they would with a softer yarn. Don’t want droopy cups!

ok. i didn’t know why they used i thought i’d ask. but thanks for answering ALL my questions :wink:

Oh, my gosh!!! They are soooooo cute!!! The colors make it look so fun!! But can you imagine doing some colors that your house is decorated in?!

Dang, they are soooo cute!!

ha my house is not decorated!!! :evil: i wish it was. i’m going to do it in my girls favorite colors!

SO CUte! I think it might take a few practices before you get it down, maybe use some other cotton you’re not using for the finished project on?

yeah i could do that. what is a good brand 4 cotton?

Sugar n Cream is good and inexpensive, but may not be available in a lot of colors depending on where you go to buy it. I know knitpicks has some cotton yarn that looks beautiful…

These would be great felted!!!

I saw this on somebody’s blog and she said she was doing it in Sugar & Cream. They do have a lot of bright colors and it is very reasonable.

Gosh, are those cute! My daughter’s birthday (she’ll turn 3) is in October, and I am thinking I just might have to make these and get comfortable with DPNs! :shock: Oh boy!!

This tea set is so cute. My gd would love them.
I like looking thru old posts…find interesting things I missed. :cheering: