Does This Infuriate Anyone Else?

Goldman Sachs is using taxpayer money to fund bonuses!!

Oh, Yeah. :mad:

Uh yeah, you might say that. :grrr:

:wall: :grrr: :wall:

Its just wrong!! I can’t believe how these companies have used OUR money! We all live on budgets, they need to get with the program.

What really irritates me even more is the fact the company I have a 1st and 2nd mortgage with is one of the companies that received a bailout. But, when it come to working with me, trying to make payment arrangements, they are no help at all. Sure, they make offers and such but when it comes down to it, I just get the runaround…And they have the nerve to ask me why my payments are going to be late…So, I told them because I haven’t gotten a bailout like some people have!! :grrr:

It is infuriating. I work for my states Department of Health and Welfare, and there are record numbers of people applying for benefits. And yet, there are all these myths and stereotypes about people who get welfare benefits (don’t even get me started on that), and they want to cut programs like that so they can bail out these #@$&($@ and give them [I]corporate[/I] welfare. Oh yeah, it makes me mad. :!!!:

Yeah, I’m pretty angry about this. Basically because I have so many friends and family going through a lot of what several of you have already mentioned. I am doing okay knock on wood and feel secure in my job, but I have cut back, simply because it is the right/logical thing to do. Other companies/employees are going without bonuses and raises this year. Goldman Sachs should, too.

The government needs to set guidelines. You don’t receive a bailout unless you are down to this much and bonuses have been cut out and all frivolous expenses cut out. As many people working for the government, you think someone would be on top of this. This stinks.

Um, seeing as I just had to pay $12K in back taxes for my 91 year old mom who has Alzheimers Disease and is in a memory care facility, and seeing as I am being put through the wringer AGAIN for her medicaid benefits…(lord knows she could have gotten a job in the past 2 years!)…