Does this ever happen to you?

My yarn is driving me nuts! I’m working on a pair of socks using some cotton yarn. When I purl (continental) the yarn looks wierd on the right needle after I work it. Instead of being the normal plyed yarn, it’s flat with the strands laying side by side as if the yarn unravelled or untwisted. Any idea why this is happening? If this makes no sense I’ll post pics.


Cotton yarns work up differently than others. It’s probably just a result of how the yarn is twisted, the motions of knitting may be untwisting it a little. I wouldn’t worry about it. I knit with yarn from thrift store cotton sweaters, using a much larger gauge than they were knit at so it’s like working with 6 strands of thread. It’s looks fine when I’m done.

I knit a tie with microspun yarn and the tie came out nice. I looks like you are giving it ridge on each row. I have a friend who knit a sweater and the same effect occurred and the sweater is beautiful. Don’t worry it seems to be part of some yarns look when using them.:happydance: