Does the Rag Shop Sell Anything Decent?

There’s a Rag Shop in my neighborhood and they sell yarns and needles and craft stuffs. Do they carry anything decent? How come they are not in the yarn shop directory that kemp put up?

why not go there and check it out?

Not every store is on there. i had to add all three of the stores in my town.

I’m not sure what a “Rag Shop” is. Is that a goodwill place? I saw some yarns at the dollar store recently. It was good brands and they had three different kinds of yarns but nothing I’d ever use so I just passed them buy. But if they had some I liked I would have stocked up. :happydance:

It’s actually a everything store, they sell mostly craft stuff, then some art stuff, and yarns and needles. I thought it was like a WalMart to a dept store so I figured someone would know.

It’s a Franchise store. We had one in West Chester. I was a really new knitter when I went there, but from what I can remember, they had mostly Acrylic. They did have a really nice selection of knitting notions at pretty good prices, and there’s always something on sale. Definitely worth a look see.

There’s still one in West Chester!! It’s good for fabric, and really good for kid’s crafty kind of stuff, but I haven’t found it to be too great for knitting stuff. A pretty limited selection…but I’ve only been to that one, so maybe your will be better.

The Rag shop in my area is like a Michaels craft store, just a little smaller. It has alot of lion brand yarns and some others too, along with patterns and knitting supplies. Ours is going out of business though.