Does the cast-on row count as Row 1 in a pattern?

Hi! I am a new knitter, trying to follow a pattern. I am supposed to knit 3 rows as the first step. Does the cast-on row count as Row 1, or do I start counting rows when I actually start knitting into the cast-on row?

No, the CO row is the cast on, start counting with the actual 1st row you do.

Thank you!!

What if you use the long-tail cast-on…I’ve read more than once that the best thing about the long-tail is that the first row is already knit when you’re done. I’ve been assuming that you count that as the first knit row. Eep!

Some people count it as their first row for stockinette, some don’t. I don’t. I’d expect the pattern to tell me that it counts as a row. I doubt it makes much difference, though, except for the appearance of the co row in the finished product.

I don’t count it either. It sorta looks like a row, but it isn’t the same size, so most people don’t count it as one.

They mean that it looks like a knitted row, but it is actually not as long as a cast-on row + knitted row.