Does nyone know where I can find this type of yarn?

I recently was told that there is a cotton/elastic blend yarn. This sounds cool but I can only find it in hand wash grrr. I wanted to make socks and a hat for my sister and I just don’t see her hand washing them please help.

                                            Thanks a bunch :muah:

Cascade fixation is the only one I know of…There’s got to be others though. Try

Good luck!

Elann has a version that’s cheaper than Fixation, and I believe it comes in more colors: Elann Esprit (there is a link to the variegated version, Esprit Print, on that page too)

ETA…oops! It’s hand wash! I’m not sure why :??

Thanks a bunch for the help…there are a lot of pretty colors…but no machine washable cotton elastic blends were found :waah: oh well we tried.

Hmmm… we machine wash and dry the socks from Elann and Cascade fixation here…

It’s possible that over time the elastic won’t hold up as well if put in the dryer, but so far ours do fine.

Mama Bear