Does My Pattern Look Right? Will You Look?

Okay, if you know of a pattern (book or otherwise) that is what I’m trying to do, I’ll scrap this project (since it wouldn’t be MINE if someone has already done it, even if I don’t know about it??) and use theirs; however, I could really use someone’s help on a little “situation” I’ve gotten myself into.

Designing a shrug that has a ONE DIRECTION stitch pattern. Based on the one direction stitch pattern, I’ve decided probably best to do a raglan style shrug knit from the top down.

Long story short…I know what I want to do and despite SCOURING books at library and online sites have YET to find something even close to what I want to do… That only leaves one choice (moving on and doing something different is not an option. Why? Cause I’m STUBBORN! :mrgreen:) which is to design the thing myself.

I’m a SLOW knitter and this is actually a pattern that I want to share with someone in the next few weeks. I fear I won’t be very far along on it to know if I have a “winner”. That’s where I’m hoping someone can help me OR direct me to a resource that might be able to be of assistance.

I need someone to offer their ability to read a pattern and know if it will work (I know there are some of you out there with this superhuman skill). I can figure out small booboos, obviously, as I knit along but just to make sure that there isn’t anything glaring???

Your wisdom and help on this would be GREATLY appreciated. I can send the pattern out within next couple of days for your review (I’m still working on it as I changed a whole section of it and am trying to figure out my numbers). Oh…and my swappee (on the secret theme swap) will greatly appreciate you as well as this is actually a design I’m doing for him/her. Well they were the inspiration for it but after all this work, I’m definitely doing one up as well. hee hee)

This is NOT a project for a newbie like me. Someone SHOOT ME!

the anthropologie-inspired capelet is a top down raglan shrug/bolero/ capelet-with-sleeves… is that similar? the one skein wonder book has a similar top down raglan bolero…

I’m not fast enough to test-knit anything, but I can look and see if it makes sense.

I’m sure someone more knowledgeable that I will take up your challenge too…

The original pattern for the anthropologie inspired capelet is on Craftster. if you search anthropologie and capelet and KAL you’ll see it… the writer was Julsey something… (the thread was like 70 pages long last time I was there…)


Thank you! I’d be very grateful to take you up on your offer to look the pattern over when I get it written to see if it makes sense.

I don’t expect anyone to want to actually KNIT this pattern (right now anyway) just knew that some of you guys/gals are able to “see” something based on the instructions written.

While somewhat similar to the bolero you referred to, the one I’m designing incorporates Barbara Walker’s dragon scale stitch along with some “lace” effects. Okay it turned out, IMO, prettier than it may sound. LOL.

I’m hoping to have most of the pattern written shortly.


I could look it over, I’m pretty good at pattern interpretation…