Does most wool get softer with time?

I have a skein of manos, just one, don’t want to buy another one since it is way scratchier than I expected.
will it get softer so maybe I can combine it with another yarn in a scarf or something, or should I just felt it?

I’ll be interested in the replies you get. I was going to buy myself some a few days ago but it was a lot scratchier than I thought it would be so I passed. It sure is pretty though!

it was the colors that did me in.
there were just too many of them.

I LOVE the colors of Manos – but it is no way as soft as Malabrigo. I bought 2 skeins to make a My So Called Scarf but I may end up making a felted purse out of it.

It’s too bad cause I can’t convince the owner of the LYS that yes, really, Malabrigo is softer and has just as lovely colorways as the Manos and you get 2 times as much yardage with the Malabrigo.

I even brought in a skein of the Malabrigo for her to feel and she COULDN’T TELL THE DIFFERENCE!!!