Does knitting make you dizzy?

I am newbie, I just taught myself last week to cast on and to do the knitch stitch. Slowly I am trying to purl and I have yet to cast off.
Anyways my whole question is I get a bit dizzy because of the repetition of the knitting. Does this go away or am I concentrating too much?
Any ideas would be great.

You know, this happened to me exactly once-when I had a plugged up ear (earwax-not an infection). The doctor told me it was because of the way I was holding my head when I was knitting. Other than that thought, I have no clue why this would be happening. Maybe try changing your position?

If it is because you’re concentrating too hard, then do try to takes some deep breaths and consciously relax your shoulders. remind yourself it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time. :slight_smile: And if that’s the case, I’m thinking it will get better as you keep practicing.

Listen to music or watch TV while you knit keeps one less concentrated on knitting. I don’t remember getting dizzy when i first started but I concentrated a lot. I don’t anymore so maybe it’ll go away in time. But if you don’t concentrate just the right amount you’ll mess up:doh:

This was happening to me - as well as a stiff neck. Then hubby told me that I knit in a strange posture. I was so stiff and tense when knitting… when I started to loosen up a bit, I stopped feeling dizzy and the neck pain stopped.

Do you hold your knitting the same distance away as when you read a book? Maybe you need (different) glasses for close work. I use a different pair for computer than for reading/knitting.

It doesn’t make me dizzy, but it makes my eyes a little blurry.

Thank you all for your suggestions:muah:
I keep teling myself to relax :teehee: but I guess I need to do it.
The whole thing is intimidating to me I guess.
But I know I have all the time in the world to learn, well at least when I have moments of quiet.
Anyways thanks.