Does knitting in the round on dpn look small?

I am a little concerned, I am knitting a beanie in the round on double pointed needles and it looks really small.
The pattern I am following is
I have cast on 72 stitches.
Does it just look small because I cant stretch it out.
Does knitting in the round always look small?
Should I be concerned or relax and let it happen.
This is the first thing I have ever done on dpns (a little stressed out here)

It does tend to look smaller because the stitches are squished together. As long as you are using the correct size needles and yarn weight you should be fine. IF you are using a different size needle or yarn weight it will affect the size outcome.

well I went a little bigger with the wool and the needles because hubby has a bigger head so I thought if anything it would be too big.
I’ll see how I go.
Thanks so much