Does increase slant matter?

I’m currently working on the sleeve of a sweater. In the pattern it calls for increasing 1 stitch at each end of the knit row every 6th row. Does the slant of the increase matter? More specifically, should I slant my increases toward the center of the sleeve or toward the edges? If it does matter, can anyone show, or point me to, an example of a left slant on the beginning edge versus a right slant on the beginning edge.

If it matters, there are decreases further along where it calls for an SSK at the beginning of the row and a K2tog at the end.

Thanks for the help.

What is the pattern name and link if you have it?

Does the pattern suggest an increase? You could try on just a swatch to see which one looks best on each side or how doing the same one would look.

The pattern calls for an increase but does not specify.