Does Fiber Trends have the *only* clog pattern?

I’ve looked for felted clog patterns and it seems the only one I see is the Fiber Trend clog. Are there others???

I couldn’t find any when I was looking before. I did make Fuzzy Feet and have been pleased with them…but they’re more sock-like than clog-like. But they’re comfy, and they keep my feet warm.

These look pretty nice, but not quite as warm as they don’t have the double sole.

I don’t know about other patterns but I have made the fiber trends clogs and they come out great. Every one who recieved them as Christmas gifts loved them.

I’m not saying I don’t like the Fiber Trends clog, but I like variety, too. Just looking for something a little different, I guess.

Stitch Diva has a clog, too.

I looked on Ravelry and the only ones I found besides the Fiber Trends were the Stitch Diva ones and some crocheted and felted ones.

Garnstudio has a few.

these look nice
but they cost $6. american


Thanks for the Malabrigo Loafer site…I love their style and can’t wait to get a pair otn!

I really like the Fiber Trends pattern. Here is one you might like. I haven’t tried these yet.

Thanks everyone for spicing up my knitting life. I really like the look of those fireside footies. Might have to give those a try.