Does converting pattern to gauge change fair isle stitches?

Hi all. I want to knit this I’m getting 5.5sts/in with US3s (pattern calls for 6.5 sts/in). I’ve calculated/converted all the sts to the new gauge and number of sts, but am wondering if the fair isle (FI) pattern will change because of it. I don’t want to start on the sweater, go all the way up to the yoke, and then realize the FI pattern isn’t going to work. BTW, this is my first FI project, and the first time I’ve thought to convert. Normally I try to get gauge via changing needles, but I don’t have US1 or 2. Is it doable? Thanks in advance. My brain can’t wrap around this concept yet.

You’re certainly going to have fewer repeats of the fair isle pattern. You can chart it out (not the whole yoke but just the beginning and end). You want the pattern to begin and end symmetrically on either side of the front bands if possible and with a little planning now, it will. It looks like the pattern is calling for 6sts/1" (24sts/4") so you’re not too far off. Are you making the smallest size or can you drop down a size and see if those dimensions work?

I’m planning on doing the 12-18 month size. I may have to go get US2s to make the gauge and then I won’t need to change all the stitch numbers. I’m just trying to avoid buying more needles if I’m not going to use them often.

47" US sz 2 fixed circs work great for socks! LOL

The needles always come in handy for something so maybe better to buy them sooner rather than later. It’s really an adorable pattern. Do post a photo when you finish if you’d like.