Does cast on 26 get you 27 stitches?

I am a newbie and I am trying to read my first pattern. I am starting to think this one might be too difficult. :frowning: Anyway if it tells me to cast on 26, will I end up with 27? I see 27 when I count it. TIA

What cast on method are you using?

Oh sorry I didn’t realize that mattered. Continental.

That is also known as the Long Tail Cast on. I use that method. When you do it the first time… it should give you 2 stitches on the needle. Count those as 2. Then continue. I hope this makes sense.

Thanks so much! Now if I could only keep track of my spot in the pattern. LOL

The first loop you start with counts as a stitch, so put that on the needle, then 25 more to get 26 total.

keeping your place in the pattern becomes easy once you learn to use the knitters arsenal of post-it notes (sticky notes), highlighter pens, magnets, underlining, stitch counters … (ok we all have our own method, but they all work!!)

to keep my place in a pattern i tend to write the whole lot out and mark off each row as i go along, i know i’d get very lost otherwise.

I need to get some stitch counters or something. I still don’t have everything that I need.

I could also use a needle holder since my crochet hooks are just kind of in a pile at the bottom of my bag.

I put my hooks in a ziplock bag in the box I keep my needles.