Does anyone watch Hells Kitchen?

I love that show.

I am floored that Jen was booted last night.

I know! I was so sad, I wanted her to win. I’m not a Rock fan, I think he’s a bit of an ass.

I like Rock, I think he’s the best one there. But, I did think Bonnie was going home last night. I couldn’t believe it was Jen. I was also surprised that he personally sent Julia to culinary school, didn’t see that coming.

I think Rocks definitely got it. Bonnie is too much of a whiner. She also needs someone to hold her hand all the time. “Beans and franks? I mean like, what are they, like just like cut up?”

Jen was definitely the stronger of the 2 women.

I think its funny that the entire show Rock has been portrayed as a jerk and now they are showing him on his knees praying before bed and asking his Mom to pray for him. What a joke. Its like they are trying to soften his image so people won’t be mad when he wins.

I’ve always liked Rock. Was surprised Jen went home, b/c I don’t think Bonnie could handle it. And he floored me when he said he’d send Julia to culinary school. But Ramsay’s married to a schoolteacher & has four kids (at least, according to Wikipedia), so I guess he does have a soft side. Somewhere. :rofl:

I was shocked Jen was booted as well, other than her spaghetti-taken-from-the-trash incident, she was a great performer. Bonnie hasn’t a clue, and even her title of Nanny/Personal Chef cracks me up everytime I see it on the screen…

I LOVED Julia. I was so glad that Ramsay (Hotttt) sent her to culinary school. I didn’t think she had what it takes to win this competition but there is just something about her that shines so I am really glad he is giving her that chance.

As far as Gordon (I reiterate, HOTTTTTT!) I think he definitely has a soft side, and I love it when he is amused by something and his eyes get all sparkley. He has quite the mischeivious side.

I don’t watch the show often but I did see it last night. Rock reminds me of alot of guys I worked with when I was cooking professionally. Their egos were bigger than their talent and they just couldn’t stand women who thought they could cook. Ramsay reminds me of every chef I worked with. In a word, A**HOLES!! They’re all petty tyrants. Needless to say I find Hells Kitchen difficult to watch. I did like the fact that “Chef” is going to pay for that young woman’s training.

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Nadja :knitting:

The thing that turned me off with Rock was when the guys lost that lobster challenge and the girls got that photo shoot. He was pissed off and just went on and on for hours. You lost, get over it. Be a man about it and shut up.

I think that Jen didn’t exhibit the self confidence needed to run a kitchen. She struck me as a bit too quiet when it was her turn to run the kitchen. She was, maybe, too nice. I’m rooting for Bonnie to win. She seems to have a nice touch with her cooking.

Jen didn’t know she was going tob e sabotaged. The other 2 knew to look for something to be wrong with a dish when they saw her get called out on quality control.

I think it gave Bonnie and Rock an unfair advantage and it made her look bad.

Of the 2 that are left I vote for Rock.

I’m hoping Bonnie wins. I did like Rock at first, but his temper is way too out of control. He takes everything so personally. I would hate to work under him.

And, I loved it when Bonnie yelled at Chef. She was the first one to go, but she did the best.

I love this show and it drives my husband nuts !! My “dream” is to be a pastry chef and Hell Kitchen reminds me that maybe I rather just enjoy the creations I make in my kitchen rather than being under pressure like that.

Can’t stand Bonnie and her I don’t do this and that so I hope Rock wins despite his temper. I really don’t blame him for fussing at Jenn, she was on his case for no reason that one night and he did apologize. Plus, he loves his momma.

Liked Jenn, not sure she was stable enough to run a kitchen.

Loved Julia and so glad to see the Chef build her up and offer to send her to school.

So glad other people like this show !!

I love this show - DH and I look forward to it every week! I couldn’t stand Jen - she was way too winey for me. I’m surprised Bonnie has made it this far, but I can’t see her winning. Rock has seemed like the strongest competitor to me from the beginning, so I think he’ll win it and that he deserves it.

I loved Julia too – I really would have liked for her to make it all the way.