Does anyone speak German?

I think a cable pattern I’m working on for a sweater had something lost in translation. example.“den U und die abgehobene M der Vorr rechts zusstr. in der ruckr. die M mit 1 U wie zum Links-Stricken abheden”, translates to slip one! This doesn’t seem to look right on my pattern. Any help would be appreciated.

My sister takes German classes and is fairly chummy with her teacher- I could ask her to translate it, if you’d like?

Thanks that would be a great help. The link to the pattern is [URL=“”]
You’ll need to click on the pdf icon to see the diagram in German and English. It’s just the first row of the cable I’m having trouble with.

Ok, she has a lesson on Monday, so I’ll send her in with it, if that’s ok? Can’t get in any sooner

That would be great. Thanks so much!

This is always tricky once you get abbrivations in it…
the U and the M taken off of the Vorr right zusstr. abheden into ruckr. the M with 1 U as to left cords

The Vorr is for…

Don’t know if this helps…

I’m German… I’ll take a look at it for you.

Ok, got it.
It says:
Right side: Knit the yo and the slipped stitch together.
Wrong side: slip the stitch with one yo as if to purl.

Hope this helps!

The pattern instructions say to knit my wrong side rows in the established rib pattern. So do I ignore anything referring to the wrong side on the chart? It says the chart shows only right sides. This is so confusing and it’s my first attempt at cables. I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew!
Thanks so much

I’m glad you got your answer.

You can also use

Very helpful.