Does anyone remember from the 1960's?

I started knitting in the 5th grade (girl scouts) back in OHIO. I remember getting a knitting KIT that contained size 10 1/2 WHITE plastic needles and some red bulky yarn for slippers. Did anyone else start with such a KIT? I am sure it came from the five and dime store.

There are kits like that at Target…

I started with an “I taught myself to knit” kit from Michaels. Had needles & notions, but no yarn.

Every Target must be different in the USA today…I was in a Target in Phoenix yesterday asking about yarns and the girl said they didn’t carry anything at that particular store!

Well, I do remember the 60’s…but, I don’t remember any knitting kits. I think I was too busy with junior high and HS. LOL

Are you looking to buy a kit? I found this link for a kit with yarn.

I knit for the first time in the 60’s, too, but never had the benefit of a kit. I did have white plastic needles, though. I remember that after a while they were rather arc shaped.

I remember SITTING on mine…breaking them…and constantly begging my father for $ to buy new needles…I imagine needles then probably cost around 29 cents…but that was ALOT OF money! :slight_smile:


I started in 1963, too. I didn’t have a kit though, just a set of needles - probably about size 6 or 7, a skein of variegated green yarn, a learn to knit pamphlet, and :heart: my great-aunt :heart: . She was my first knitting teacher, and, although I’ve learned a lot since she gave me my love of knitting! :cheering:


My aunt frequents the Pheonix Target.

I had a knitting kit when I was little. But I never even used it. I’m not sure what happened to the needles and yarn that came in it, but they’re gone. My grandma taught me to knit in third or fourth grade.

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I think I saw some of those 60’s kits (where else…) eBay.