Does anyone recognize this?

My great aunt died about two weeks ago and my mom inherited her some of her less valuable jewelery. My mom doesn’t wear much more than her good earrings, wedding ring and an old pearl necklace so she let me go through it and pick out what I wanted. At first I took some old stud earrings, an old pearl necklace, and some small odds and ends, but then I looked again and found a charm that I just love. It’s a bird flying over a four leaf clover and it looks like this:

by the wear on it, it appears to be fairly old so she must have held onto it for sometime. I didn’t know my great aunt all that well so I never asked her what its significance was. Has anyone out there seen something like this before?

Two things come to mind. One is that it is a neckalce given out at confirmations. Was your aunt Catholic by chance? It also is sort of reminiscent of the type of jewelry given out at our local Catholic hospital back in teh late 60’s and early 70’s. The other is that it is very “Sarah Coventry” looking. Can you do a rubbing of the makers mark to see it better?

It’s very “descending dove” looking.

My first impression was that it was a metal for confirmation. The bird represents the Holy Ghost. Maybe someone else sees something different. I would cherish it as something special. Elllie:star:

That’s entirely possible. I’m glad someone was able to look at it and find some meaning because I was stumped! I know that her side of my mom’s family is more religious than our branch is so there is a good chance that you’re right about it being a confirmation charm.

I’m glad that I pulled it out of the jewelry box because while I know that my mom wouldn’t have thrown it out, I don’t think it would have ever seen the light of day. It obviously meant something to Aunt Frances, otherwise it wouldn’t be so well worn

as for the stamp in the middle, it appears to be shaped like a bell with the number 47 at the top and “sm”(?) under it and on the side it says “STRE” but the rest is faded