Does anyone recognize this stitch?

I’m wondering what i’ts called. It looks so familiar.
Video in Russian (I think)
A picture tutorial

These are great and I expect I can work it out from them but it would be nice to find something in English. And to have a name for it.

i wonder if it’s some kind of a stockinette version of the seafoam stitch?

The Seafoam Stitch is pretty. I don’t know how similar they are. Maybe I’ll try this one in stockinette tomorrow and see how it works out.

I just opened this page from your link (copied above) in Google Chrome. In the upper right hand corner, where it sometimes asks if you want to save a password for the page, it instead asked me if I wanted to translate it! I said “yes” and it translated into English. Some words were apparently not translated, but it looks like you could get through without a few of the words…Hope this helps!
BTW, very pretty…I think I would also like to try this pattern! :inlove:

Thanks. In the past I’ve had problems with Chrome but I now have a different computer so later I will install it and try your suggestion. Thanks.