Does anyone recognize this knit stitch/pattern?

I’ve set aside plans to make dish cloths in hopes to knit my son a dorm blanket. I’m looking for an interesting pattern to keep me interested.

I found this. Is it a variation of the entrelac stitch? Is this a confusing stitch to knit?


Thanks for reading,

Personally I wouldn’t call it a variation of entrelac. It looks like more of a basket weave type stitch…which I guess it is since that is what it’s called. :teehee:

Here’s a free pattern that is somewhat similar. It’s apparently done by cabling the stitches.

It’s not entrelac, it’s a sort of minicable type pattern, though I’ve never seen one over only 2 sts.

This pattern has that exact stitch pattern (and is called Basketweave Mittens, so apparently somebody thinks it’s a form of basketweave stitch!):

It looks like weaving, and as with many things in knitting, often two things are called the same thing.

Thank you for all your responses. I had a feeling someone would be able to decipher the knitted basketweave pattern. You’re all great!