Does anyone recognise this?

I’m hoping someone can tell me where to find this pattern. I found the one pictured on a knitting blog ages ago, and saved the pic as I thought I might eventually make one like it. But I didn’t save any information about it.

I know I can easily make one that looks like it, but if I can find the actual pattern it would be great. I’d say it could be from a Debbie Bliss or a Rowan pattern book … but that’s guessing… perhaps someone’s seen it somewhere and remembers where!

:sad: Does no one recognise it? :help:

Nope… sorry. I even snooped around for a while on Ravelry to see if I could find it. There are several that are similar, but nothing exact…

Here I am still pathetically chasing after this pattern.

I finally found the blog that had posted a picture of the nearly completed baby cardigan, and the pattern came from the Fall/Winter 2006 Knit It! magazine, not Debbie Bliss or Rowan at all.

So, me being in Australia and having no idea what that magazine is, can anyone please enlighten me?

Wish I could help with a pattern, but don’t have anything like that.

The closest I can come is to suggest going to your LYS (if one is nearby enough) and asking them if they can help you how to figure it out. The sweater itself is easy enough, but stranding is something I’ve never done. The ribbing looks like seed stitch, I do that on just about all baby sweaters, just because I think it looks nice. REally frustrating not to be able to find a pattern, isn’t it?

Go to ebay and look for the magazine. There are a lot of sellers from Australia that sell on ebay too. Perhaps you will find it there.

i’m sorry! i don’t :doh: its very pretty, though

LIghing suggested you go to eBay so for the heck of it I did, lol!

They have the Fall Knit It 2006 magazine…someone is selling it along with the Summer 2007 issue…I believe they are asking 2.99 for it.

Just go to e-bay and put in “magazines” and then put in “knit it magazine 2006” and it should come up!


Knit It! is published by Lion Brand Yarns once a year. Here’s the web page for the magazine, though the 2006 issue is sold out. I was thinking that you might be able to buy just that one pattern, so I did a search through their patterns. I found a few that are very similar to the one you’re looking for, but don’t have the stranding. Is it possible that the person who blogged added the stranding to a plain pattern?

Here’s a pattern with similar stranding. The structure of the sweater is different, though.

No, I think that’s it! The sweater in her picture just doesn’t have the collar on it yet.

Knit It! Magazine is in association with BH&G, so it would make sense for the pattern to be there. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that… doh!

And, I saw that baby blanket on Ravelry in the 2006 issue of Knit It! section. I thought it looked like it could be a matching pattern, but the sweater pattern wasn’t listed.

Anyway, I went ahead and added the cardigan and matching hat to Ravelry… the blanket is already there.

:woot: [B][COLOR=“Magenta”][SIZE=“6”]THAT’s IT!!![/SIZE][/COLOR][/B] :cheering:

Cristeen and Ignora, you have totally made my day! Thank you so much for your brilliant detective work. :muah:

Last night I ended up googling Better Homes and Gardens but it was a dead end for me - I hadn’t realised they actually have patterns on there, and was searching for their contact email address so I could ask about purchasing back issues. But no luck, so without you two I would have missed out on finding it. Happy me!

Thank you EVERYONE who made suggestions. You guys are all great! :thumbsup: :hug: