Does anyone recognise this stitch pattern?

Hello everyone, I’m new here. I have acquired a hand-knitted item, and I love the stitch pattern but I can’t find it anywhere. If anyone could identify it so I can look it up, that would be great! :slight_smile: I am going to try to attach a photo …

Hmmm I’ll have to experiment with it. It looks like a knit 1, sl1 wyif, k1, sl1 wyif… but not sure about the next row… :think:

I think it’s called Stockinette Ridge Stitch:!stitches/vstc5=textured-patterns

It looks like it from the picture.

It looks like some rows of stockinette with an extra purl row and slipped sts on the right side:
RS knit one row
WS purl one row
RS knit one row
WS purl one row
RS p1, slip 1, p1, slip 1 etc to the end
WS purl one row and continue with stockinette.

It’s similar to one I just experimented with last week. I think the difference is that it would be knit in stockinette a few more rows before doing another shell pattern. You can see this stitch clearly in the background wallpaper.

Hello and thank you for all your suggestions. :slight_smile: I will do some experimenting and see what works. Thanks again!