Does anyone prefer using one of these doodads for I-cord?

over using DPNs? Does it go faster? Any advantages or disadvantages? I can’t think of the other name for them…French something-or-other I think, kinda mushroomy-shaped, bent metal loops instead of the wooden pegs. I’ve been using just my Boye Needlemaster tips, but it’s a bit awkward.

Never even seen one before. :shock:

Spool knitting! I remember doing that as a child. I made looooooooong cords and gave them as gifts to my sisters who were less than thrilled! :roflhard:

Are you using JUST the tips from the needlemaster set?? What I do is make the tips into a circular needle using a cable then knit as usual and slide over to the other end each row. It works great.

I used to have on of those as a kid, too! I don’t know that it would be any faster than the regular I-cord and maybe slower. :thinking:

My 10-year-old daughter has a spool with the bent metal loops. I played around with it one day. The cord came out very even, but it took a lot more time to make than I would have with dpns.


I suck at making i-cord, so this is what I use. Actually I have one made by Boyle (I think) that is made for children. Very cute colors with a little face on it. I grew up using one and my mom always called it a knitting spool. My stitches are much more even and it’s fun. I can also run a cotton or nylon cord down the middle easily for added strength if I am making i-cord for a purse handle of something like that. I’d like to get one that has a bit larger hole and 5 or 6 pegs.

I hold mine with the yarn wrapped around my finger so that as I turn the spool the yarn is right where it is supposed to be for me to flip over it. It goes really fast for me that way. I’ve seen some instructions that tell you to wrap the yarn around each spindle, but you don’t need to and it makes just as nice i-cord in half the time! As with any knitting variation, I’m sure it has to do with what you learned first and what you are comfortable with. If you feel like i-cord is going slowly for you, try one of these. And it is always something fun to have handy if you have little kids around!

I used to have one of those too … I loved it! Hah! I was knitting long before I knew it! :wink: I never put it together that I could make I-cord that way.

I might have to pick one up … just for the sentimental factor.

We used to make those out of wooden thread spools and nails when I was a kid (my age is showing). I love making i-cords on dpns. They go so fast and it’s always satisfying to see something finished (even an i-cord). :lol:

Gladys in rainy Michigan.


Come to think of it … I think mine was made out of a wooden thread sppol and nails. And in fact … I might have to call mom … she may still have it.

I’ve talked with a girl that LOVES to use it! She thinks I’m crazy for making ICords :smiley: That’s all she uses & loves, loves it, so it must work quite well :smiley:

I’ve got a spool knitter, I can do the i-cord a lot faster on dpns…

I can’t do I-cord at all! I watched Amy’s video and I am doing it the same way, but it doesn’t look right. My dd has a little knitty knobby with 6 posts. I am making the handles for my booga bag and it calls for 5 sts. Do you think it would work with 6 sts and the knitty knobby? When dd did it it seemed a little loose for a handle. I really don’t want to buy handles!

The booga gets felted so if it seems loose, that’s okay because it’ll tighten up once felted.

Ok, thank you. I have never felted before either, so I didn’t know how much it would compact.