Does anyone know?

does anyone know if this pattern/stitch has a name?

:?? I would call it more a technique than a stitch.

Looks like a lot of binding off and casting on.

like giant buttonholes?
do you think it would be difficult to make well?

I think the trick would be to block it afterwards to get the open shape of the ‘buttonholes.’

Hey… look what I found!

There is a German site with more stuff made with this technique and there is also a description in English (you have to scroll down a little bit):


I have this technique on my to-do-list :teehee:

The name of this technique? I don’t know :shrug: and on the German site is no name for it :shrug:

thanks Silver!

and those “Handschmeichler” are so pretty - need them!
I can also read German (einst wohnte ich in Berlin), but haven’t gone looking for any sites yet, so this is really cool to see. :heart:

Oh, that’s why they have swiss cheese at the bottom of the first page. So, I guess it’s a swiss cheese technique. That’s pretty neat, I’ve honestly never seen it.

What a special looking pattern! :teehee: Thanks for sharing guys! :notworthy:

I didn’t recognize this pattern, it must be a unique design! :happydance: