Does anyone know where i could find

Amber colored Chenille yarn??? I want to make shawls for the lady of the tribe in an amber color (she always gifts beautiful amber jewelry… i myself have a pretty necklace and bracelet), i already found the colors for two of the wives of the Thanes… but no luck on an amber colored yarn…


Lil Huskies~
This is just MY opinion… but chenille is NOT an easy yarn to work with. especially for a newbie knitter. Lion brand has some chenille thick nquick ( they are beautiful colors) but it doesn’t "give’ much to the knitter. IMHO it was very dificult to work with … and my understanding chenille is just not a yarn that “gives” when you knit…:shrug:
can you try another type of yarn instead?
just my opinion

i have 5 skeins of this pretty blue chenille thick and quick that i found for a dollar a skein at joann’s… i want something soft and pretty for them… and wool’s pretty much out for me to work with as i’m allergic… I’m open to ideas.

I have about 3 lbs. of chocolate brown. I’ve been thinking about chucking it off a bridge somewhere…

have you tried silk and/or microfiber? i was in my lys on tuesday and all the yarn that had one or both of those felt incredibly soft.

i’m open to trying pretty much any type of yarn… the chenille is what i found at joann’s for a dollar a skein in a pretty blue… i figured that once i get the first one done (i like things that are difficult and hate things that are easy) I’d go and make them in different colors…

So as long as it’s soft, shiny, warm, pretty, and amber colored, i’m game. Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you seen the Moda-dea Cache yarn? It comes in an amberish colorway and knits up quite quickly. I’m sitting here wrapped up in my shrug (yes; I know it was 107°F degrees outside today but someone must like having a $350 electric bill because someone likes to run the A/C at 72°F all year round!) which I know I got from JoAnn and was their brand. Maybe Jewel? Anyway, all acrylic, but super soft and knit up easily and is very pretty. It has a bulky main yarn that has soft fluffies. Mine is a black base with purple, blue and yellow fluffies.