Does anyone know what work 2 tog. means?

I am doing the debbie bliss pure silk shrug and am about to shape the upper arm and neck but it tells me to work 2 tog. is that the same as k2tog or something totally different! please help

That’s how I would read it. :shrug:

My take would be that it’s either k2tog or p2tog, depending on what side you’re working on.


yep… although they really shoul have it in the book… have you checked for an explanation all through the book?

yes there was nothing so i figuered i would check with all the knitters in the forum.

Thank you everyone for your help. The shrug is coming along beautifully and i am 3/4 the way through!

Just checked my copy of Debbie Bliss How to Knit and it says that
work two together means either p2tog or k2tog depending on the
pattern so if that is her instruction in this book it probably is the same
in her other books. :smiley: