Does anyone know the washing instructions for Noro

Silk Garden? On the label there are 3 symbols with no writing, and 4 different symbols with English underneath. The top three symbols are - what looks like a beaker with an X through it, then a circle with a wavy line through the middle, and some Japanese (I think) letters in it, and lastly a circle with the letter F in it and a horizontal line beneath the circle. The symbols with English say Prohibit Bleach, Iron on Low Degree, Dry Clean, and Do Not Tumble Dry.

I’m guessing I can hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry, but I’m afraid the colors will run and turn muddy. I don’t want to ruin my just-finished Quant! Can anyone help?!

You can wash Silk Garden by hand. I’ve done two blankets with it and actually put them in the machine to spin out–they look beautiful and softened up considerably!

Wonderful! Thank you! :muah: I probably should have checked when I bought it, but I was so spellbound by the beautiful colors I never thought about it :roflhard: