Does anyone know how to

My Grandmother had a way of crocheting panels together that looked like a twisted cable. There were usually two colors used in the twist; with each croched ‘strand’ of the ‘cable’ being a different color. This method was used for joining afghan panels and garments constructed with ‘blocks’ of swatches. She passed away 25 years ago, but taught me to knit when I was 5. I taught myself how to crochet with a ‘learn-how-to’ book when I was 19. Unfortunately, she never taught me how to join this way and I can’t remember ever seeing her do this. Can anyone tell me if they have ever seen this used and/or how this method of joining is done?

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Do you have a picture of the stitch you’re describing? Maybe by looking at it someone here could figure it out.

No, I have no picture. I just remember what it looked like. It was on the afghan that she knit for me as a child. Until recently, I thought it had been discarded long ago (I’m 60), but my sister recently came across it in some storage items. She says it is terribly Blessed (full of moth holes) and is sending it to me. As best I can describe it, it looks like a two strand twisted cable along each of the panel long joining lines. There are very few (3 or 4) crocheted chains between each joining point and the colors of each ‘strand’ alternate at an angle. I have no idea if the panels were sewn together first and the ‘cable’ added as an embellishment, or if the panels were actually joined with the ‘cable’. When the package arrives I will photograph it. Where should I send the image, or, should I just repost the question? I’m sure it will be several weeks before it arrives and I can do this.
Thank’s so much for your reply ~ I appreciate it.

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Front or back post stitches resemble cables, as does vertical ribbing, but if you were joining the existing long, vertical edges together by picking up stitches your cables would be running horizontally on the finished piece, unless it were crocheted separately and then pieced together from there. Tunisian ribbing also has kind of a cable look to it.

If you’d like to see what those stitches look like, just do a search for front (or back) post double crochet (FPdc or BPdc) or front post triple (FPtr) and check some pages out.

[color=blue]Here’s[/color] some nice pix of double crochets and variations, also vertical ribbing; [color=red]this page[/color] shows FPtr. [color=blue]This scarf pattern[/color] shows more of the pattern of FPdc.

Dear Krazy4Kats,
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply with all the links. Unfortunately, they were of no help.
The afghan strips (panels) were all knit in plain garter stitch and then joined together with crochet that resembled a twisted cord (cable) of two colors that alternated with each twist.
I see it clearly in my mind, but I can imaging how hard it must be for anyone else to picture it if you have never seen it. I was hoping to find someone who HAD seen it and/or knew how to do it.
Have a WONDERFUL 2007 and many thanks again. Now, I also have links to help with my crocheting questions - thanks to you !:o))
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