Does anyone know how to make this scarf, or have a pattern?

I was out shopping today, and saw this knitted scarf in Sears that I really liked. I was wondering if anyone had ever made something like it, or had a pattern for it? Sorry for the bad pic, I used my camera phone. The scarf is light blue and lavender. Here is a pic:

It looks like knitted strips woven together. Were they connected?

No, they wern’t connected…The scarf was pretty stretchy.

I guess you could knit lots of thin strips and weave them together.

:thinking: I might try doing one sometime…The weaving might be a little tricky. How many strips would I need?

It kind of resembles entrelac technique…except it’s going in one direction. Here is something similar.

I knew I had seen a scarf like this on here lol I was out today and picked up a little magazine type book that they keep up close to the registers called Simple 1-2-3 Knitting Scarves and they have a scarf in there like this but they only use 3 where this has multiple… not sure how much of the pattern I can put down here… since its copyrighted… :?? does that mean none of it :lol:

That reminds me of one I saw in Scarf Style (Pam Allen). It’s called something like “Wandering Cables” or something like that. She also has an entrelac patterned shawl in there that’s just gorgeous. You could probably adapt that pattern to be more like a scarf.

I picked up that same booklet, dustinac! I’m such a sucker! LOL I really love the Color Waves one, wish the KPPPM wasn’t so durn expensive.

Could you tell if the strips were actually connected to each other and it was knit “solid” or were they just woven back and forth loosely (could you put your fingers in bewteen them?) and connected at the ends?

it looks like five long tubes of stockinette stitch woven together.

ohh I liked that one too and the Butterfly one so pretty… and the fake fur one lol I got the book for more Ideas for all the scarves I need for Christmas lots of great ideas!! :happydance: