Does anyone know how to fix this?


I’m not sure what happened here but it’s my first time knitting (I’m working on a scarf) and I looked away for too long and noticed this stray loop (last stitch of the row) when I finished the row. I didn’t know what to do so I moved it to the other needle and continued knitting as usual. But it clearly didn’t fix anything.

You can see it’s now at the bottom of the needle and it looks like it’s missing that stitch the others have.


You’re doing very well. Yes, you’re right, That loop is missing a stitch that the others have.
It looks like that last stitch hasn’t been knitted yet. You can either ignore it and knit it when you next come to it at the end of the row or you can tink back to it, knit it and then continue with the rest of the row.

Here’s a video for tinking if you need it.