Does anyone know how to do this stitch?

I don’t have a pattern, but it’s called Drop Lay Stitch. I’ve searched online with no luck, except an expensive beginner’s kit that’s too expensive to ship to the US from the UK.


The only video I can find right now that shows how to do something like this only shows it for a few rows, not the entire piece. You can skip up to about 2:00 where Eunny is working with a blue piece. She makes a yo, works it as a stitch in subsequent rows, then later drops a stitch and leaves the laddering.

I found a better video I think.

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This free pattern on ravelry uses the ladder/drop stitch, it’s not a vertical stripe but the technique is the same :grinning:


Thank you! I guess I need to experiment to get it with a knit rather than purl. the different cast on abc cast off was also helpful.

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