Does Anyone Know how to do a Triple Cast

I love this site :0)
I was wondering if anyone could help me with “triple casting”. I have a pattern I just got that says to “triple cast” on ???
I haven’t come across this yet. Just started knitting this past year.
Any help would be appreciated.

I haven’t heard of it, and couldn’t find it in a search anywhere.

The pattern doesn’t tell you what it is?

Thanks for the quick reply Ingrid. I appreciate your looking into it.
I too could find nothing in a search and the pattern doesn’t say how to do it. It appears to be some kind of edge stitch that makes a big wavy edge. This is the first direction in the pattern and it is a sleeve cuff. It’s really pretty actually.
I’ll keep looking. There must be something somewhere.

Thanks again,

i know 30 something cast on’s and have never heard of a triple cast on.

there is a cast on called a doubled long tail (it makes a thicker, wavier edge than normal cast on.) and it is made with 3 strands of yarn.

Measure out the amount needed for a standard long tail (i like to use 3.5 times width (a 20 inch hat or sweater back would require a 3.5 x 20 or 70-to 75 inches of tail) then double it–(make the tail 2 strands of yarn each 70 to 75 inches long!

make a slip knot (or not) with single strand
hold single strand over index, and double strand over thumb and make a ‘normal’ long tail. (It’s done the same way as a normal long tail, but its not normal–the double strand makes a thick wavy edge)

for more cast on idea’s check out my 4 part tutorial on blogs that starts here

there are links at the end of each part to the next…
if you find directions to a triple cast on–please let me know… i would love to add it to my collections.

(there is also a 3 color/3 strand of yarn cast on that creates a braided sort of edge… but i have never seen it done in a single color… (there are links to the latvian braided cast on’s on page 4 of tutorial)

You know … as you describe this and I look at the picture, I’m thinking the doubled long tail has to be it. I’m going to try it and see if it works. It’s a doll sweater pattern and I’ve been stumped with it for so long because of this triple cast on thing. Hopefully this is it and I really think it may be.
Thanks so much for helping me out.

I watched Elizabeth Zimermann’s “Knitting Glossary” DVD, and it doesn’t have it on there.

Hello Again,
I just wanted to drop in to let you all know that the long tail cast on that “of troy” mentioned seems to be working. :cheering:
Perhaps this is what the author of the pattern meant??? or maybe she just made a mistake at the time of publishing the pattern. I’m not sure.
But I went right into the long tail method after of troy’s suggestion and it looks just like the photo I have. YIPEE!!!
I’m greatful though for all of the nice help I received after posting up here.
Thanks everyone!

glad i was able to help…

as for cast on’s… there are many many cast ons.
and more names for cast ons than there actual cast ons!
long tail is also called:
double cast on
(that is just the basic long tail!)

if you think about it, you cast on (once) then knit rows and rows… and bind off (several) are basicly the same …

if you learned to knit, (and then didn’t for a while) you might remember how to knit (after all you did rows and rows of knitting) but you might forget how to how to cast on!

if you worked at remembering, and messed it up (only not quite…) and could get something like what you remembered… chances are you ‘invented’ a new cast on!

even if you got it right, you might not remember what it was called… and so cast on’s get names…
language plays a part too, some names are regional…

In US there is a pastry–“the danish”–in denmark, its called an austrian pastry, in austria… its Turk .
in english strange things are said to be “greek to me”, in greece, they are “like hewbrew” (in hewbrew, the are Like Chinese… (and no doubt the chinese define strange stuff as like… (english?)!

that is what makes learning cast ons fun… there is always a new one round the corner…