Does ANYONE know French?!?!

Please Help!!! I have found thispattern on Ravelry… and it is only written in French? Does anyone know French well enough to translate it to English? I would so LOVE to make this.

oh I love that pattern! I’ll be watching this thread to see if a translator steps forward. I took french in college, but knitting vocabulary wasn’t on eof the things we covered.

Wow, you’re straining my high school French from almost 20 years ago… I can make some guesses, but I’ll wait for someone who actually speaks French to answer. It is a CUTE hat!

My son knows French but doesn’t know knitting jargon. Just looking at the pattern directions you knit it top down. The instructions are for in the round and for 2 needles. I don’t have time to sit with him to translate it tonight but I will try to later in the week if no one else does it first. He is a 4th year French student in high school and says it shouldn’t be too hard to translate if I help him with the knitting terms. He says French the French translates loosely to English so it may not be as exact as some may want it.


It will take me some time, but here we go.

Increases: (x is the number separating the increases)

In the round (Always RS): knit x, kfb , repeat 5 times

Flat : (There’s an additional stitch on each side for seaming and the increases are placed differently depending on whether you’re working RS or WS)
RS: k1, k x, kfb, repeat 5 times, k1
WS: k1, kfb reversed, knit x, repeat 5 times, k1

k1 = knit 1 / k = knit
kfb = knit front & back of stitch
kfb reversed = knit back & front of stitch (I don’t know that stitch, but that’s the way the pattern describes it)
RS = right side of work
WS = wrong side of work.

I’ll do the next part shortly, so stay tuned :smiley:

It might be true that french and english are not 100% equivalent, when it comes to translations, but knitting jargon is quite universal, so it translated to what it should be, but you should tell your son, that french knitting terms are quite quite hard to understand, if you don’t know them (same with the english knitting terms, because everything is abbreviated)

Ok, here we go, for circular needles.

For the row 2, I’m now sure what you’re meant to do… (every part in [] is where I’m unsure, if there are any parts)

Please excuse any errors. I’m tired and not sober. If anyone absolutely needs the instructions for straight needles, I’ll do that as well,…

In the round
top down

Cast on 7 st on a straight needle or a dpn (3,5mm). Turn the work.

Round 1: (RS) k1, kfb the next 6 stitches. 13 st. turn work
Round 2: (WS) [purl]
Round 3: (RS) distribute evenly on 4 needles. slip first stitch, knit 1, kfb 6 times, pass slipped stitch over last knitted stitch, from left to right.
This will give you 18 st in a circle (closed)
Increases will be done [one on top of another], 6 times / row, by increasing the space between two increases. I.e.: k2,kfb 6 times, then k3, kfb 6 times, then k4,kfb 6 times, and so on
Keep on increasing this way for all sizes.
Round 5: k2, kfb 6 times. 24 st
Round 6: k3, kfb 6 times. 30 st

Rows 8,9,10,11,13,14,15,17,18,20 and 21, increase in the same way as described above. 96 st

6/9 months : no more increases - 96 st
12 months : Row 23 : k48, increase(kfb) 2 times - 98 st
18 months : Row 24 : 6 increases - 102 st
2 years : 6 inc on row 24 (102 st), then k51, increase 2 times in row 27 (104 st)
3/4 years : 6 increases in rows 24 and 27 (102, then 108 st), then k54, increase twice on row 32 (108 st)

When it measures 13 (13,5-14-14,5-16,5) cm total height, do 1 WS row and decrease as follows:

6/9 months : k29, k2tog 3 times - 93 st
12 months : k47, k2tog 2 times - 96 st
18 months k23,k2tog, k24, k2tog 2 times - 98 st
2 years: k50,k2tog 2 times - 102 st
3/4 years : k16,k2tog,k16,k2tog,k17,k2tog 2 times - 104 st

Knit 1 RS row and 1 WS row.
On RS row, do as follows:

6/9 months : k2tog, yo, k2 23 times, then k1, yo - 94 st and 24 holes
12 months : k2tog, yo, k2 24 times - 96 st and 24 holes
18 months : k1, k2tog k2tog, yo, k2 23 times, k3, yo. - 98 st and 24 holes
2 years: yo, k2tog, k, k2tog, yo, k2 24 times, k2tog, yo, k - 102 st and 26 holes
3/4 years : k2tog, yo, k2 26 times - 104 st and 26 holes

Knit 1 WS row, 1 RS row, and another WS row.

RIM (?)

It’s knit in stocking stitch.
Slip stitches to a bigger circular needle.

Base row increases

6/9 months : kfb, kfb, k 31 times, k1 - 156 st
12 months : kfb, kfb, k 32 times - 160 st
18 months : kfb, kfb, k 32 times, kfb 2 times - 164 st
2 years : kfb, kfb, k 34 times - 170 st
3/4 years : kfb, kfb, k 34 times, then kfb 2 times - 174 st

Knit 4 (4-4-5-5) more rows, then bind off loosely in 1x1 ribbing.


Weave in ends. Slightly iron the RIM (?) on the RS and make it […]
Pull a ribbon through the holes

Thanks so much, blueygh2!! The only thing is… It is a disaster when I try to knit in the round. I would need the instructions for knitting it flat. If you would be so kind to do those also. I am in no rush. Just maybe in the next week or so. I so appreciate you doing this. You are a life saver. Thanks so much!!!

Well, thank me not. There is no guarantee for acuity in these things. Most things I can easily translate, since I know knitting directions in 3 languages (french, english, german). It’s different each time, and I prefer english, to be honest.
Still, since I live in french speaking belgium part time, I had to become accustomed to french knitting patterns. And since I’m also often in germany, german patterns as well … (I learned everything in english though)

So, I’ll do the “flat” translation as well. But one question.
Could someone please tell me if the translation so far is quite understandable?!


Looks good to me Blueygh2. Your french is superb!


Looks good to me Blueygh2. Your french is superb!

Oh why, my french might be good (I had french for 11 years, and I’m going to college in french speaking region of Belgium, so ,…)
but still, knitting instructions are quite different. They use quite a lot of abbreviations, like in english, so it doesn’t always make sense.
And the kfb doesn’t really make sense to me in french. It says “knit 2 into 1. Knit into the front loop, then the back loop”.

If you only read “knit 2 into 1”, the way it’s written in the pattern (it only explains that stitch later) it doesn’t make much sense…

Ok, dear people, here comes the explanation for 2 needles.

There’s still no guarantee, … (even less than on the other part, since I’m even less sober, but never mind that.)
Should anyone find errors, correct them, don’t necessarily let me know.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the pattern (if you understand it…)[COLOR=“Red”]

PLEASE EXCUSE ME, but on every EVEN row, you have to substitute “knit” by “purl”. Excuse me for that.

(At least I think it is that way…) [/COLOR]

On two needles:

Cast on 8 st. The first and last stitch of every row are additional stitches for seaming.
RS rows are knitted, WS rows are purled.

Row 1: (RS) k1, then kfb the 6 next stitches. k1 - 14 st (here x=0)
Row 2: purl
Row 3: (rs) k1, k1, increase 6 times, k1 - 20 st (here, x=1)
The increases now are [one on top of another], by increasing the space between increases. i.e. see above

For all sizes, increase as follows:

Row 5: k1, k2,kfb 6 times, k1 - 26 st
Row 6 : k1, kfb, k3 6 times, k1 - 32 st

Then, rows 8,9,10,11,13,14,15,17,18,20 and 21, increase as stated above. - 98 st

6/9 months : no more increases - 98 st
12 months : Row 23 : k1, k48, increase 2 times, k - 100 st
18 months : Row 24 : 6 increases - 104 st
2 years : 6 increases on row 24 (104 st), then k1, k51,increase 2 times, k1 on row 27 (106 st)
3/4 ans : On rows 24 and 27, do 6 increases (104, then 110 st), then on row 32: k1, k54, increase 2 times, k1 (112 st)

When you have 13 (13,5-14-14,5-16,5) cm total height, do one RS row on the WS (!!) row, decreasing as follows:

6/9 : k1, k29, k2tog 3 times, k1 - 95 st
12 : k1, k47, k2tog 2 times, k1 - 98 st
18 : k1, k23, k2tog, k24, k2tog 2 times, k1 - 100 st
2 : k1, k50, k2tog 2 times, k1 - 104 st
3/4 : k1, k16,k2tog,k16,k2tog,k17,k2tog 2 times, k1 - 106 st

Do 2 more RS rows
On RS row, and [while purling], do the holes as follows:

6/9: k1, k2tog, yo, k2 23 times, then k1, yo, k1 - 96 st and 24 holes
12 : k1, k2tog, yo, k2, then k1 - 98 st and 24 holes
18 : k2, k2tog, k2tog, yo, k2 23 times, k3,yo,k1 - 100 st and 24 holes
2 : k1,yo,k2tog,k1, k2tog, yo, k2 24 times, k2tog, yo, k2 - 104 st and 26 holes
3/4 : k1, k2tog, yo, k2 26 times, k1 - 106 st and 26 holes

Do 3 RS [knitted] rows

RIM (?)

Take a circular needle and knit to and fro [flat knitting, with a circular needle]

Base row right side increases

6/9 : k1, kfb, kfb, k 31 times, kfb, k1 - 159 st
12 : k1, kfb, kfb, k1 32 times,kfb - 163 st
18: k1, kfb, kfb, k1 32 times, kfb, k2 - 165 st
2 : k1, kfb, kfb, k 33 times, kfb, kfb, k2tog - 171 st
3/4 : k1, kfb, kfb, k 34 times, kfb, k2 - 175 st

Do another 4 (4-4-5-5) rows of stocking stitch, then bind off loosely in 1x1 ribbing.
(Start and end with a KNIT stitch)


Seam together 1 stitch from the border, with an invisible seaming technique, then weave in the ends.
Slightly iron the RIM (?) [and make it look like in the picture]

Pull a ribbon through the holes.

Wow - that’s awesome that you translated the pattern. If anyone is interested it looks very similar to this hat pattern - I found it on Knittingpatterncentral and have made so many of these little hats I about memorized the pattern. They make beautiful shower gifts. If my link doesn’t work it is Ellens Ruffled Hat listed under baby patterns.

I found this on knittingpatterncentral:

Sorry, VA knitter…we were looking at the same pattern:p