Does anyone knit soakers?

I’ve made a few, and I need to start another, but I forget if it has to be 100% wool! Anyone? I have a blend 85 wool/15 mohair. Will it work?

Ask (PM) Hildie! She just knit several for a GFs baby shower!

whats a soaker?

A soaker is a diaper cover made of wool that you put over cloth diapers.

oooo, i think i saw a pattern for those in a book once.and it was felted.

Yeah i’ve made several!!! A blend will be fine: it might actually be better for strechiness. I used a superwash blend for 2 of them, that way they can be thrown in the the wash.

I’ve done a bunch of reading on wool soakers and everything has said that they need to be 100% wool, not superwash, because superwash is a resin coating which causes moisture to wick through the fabric (leak), instead of repelling wetness and keeping it in the diaper like lanolized wool.

Not sure where mohair fits in…I purchased a few patterns from Tiny Birds… the owner was sooo nice and helpful, very quick to respond to my e-mails. I bet if you e-mailed her she would be able to tell you if it’s advisable.

Thanks, Carmell…I had NOT A CLUE :wink: . YAY for the cloth diaper moms…I was going to do it back in the day…had dozens & dozens of cloth diapers…and u know, they are the best thing in the world for waxing your car or anything that you don’t want to scratch. Yep…I’m afraid I gave it up rather quickly and went straight for the Luvs :wink:

:roflhard: Rebecca, you crack me up!

I would have tried it, but my DH spent years changing his cloth-diapered siblings and said NO WAY. :wink:

:roflhard: they make great spit up rags thats what mine were used for never used them for diapers so would put them on my shoulder when I burped my two and they were great cause they soaked it up before it got on my shoulder… always walked around with two on me one on each shoulder cause ya just never know when its a comin’ :cheering: cheers for those who do it!!! :thumbsup:

:lol: I could never seem to have a burp cloth on hand when I needed one. All my t-shirts are ruined, needless to say! I love cloth diapering! :smiley:

Thanks for the help. I had one started in that yarn, but I didn’t like it so I undid it anyway. Just to be safe I’m going with 100% wool :slight_smile:

My family got us diaper service as baby shower gifts. We got almost a years worth cuz several folks pitched in for a certain month. We used the nylon cover thingys though. Didn’t know I could knit my own back then. I would love to knit them now and then embroider little cutsie things on them and them at craft fairs. Some yuppies are willing to pay TOP dollar for these things.