Does anyone in CO knit anymore?

:knitting: [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkslateblue]K, I’ve posted on the only two Colorado posts (they were actually quite old) and so far (it’s been like 3 days I think maybe 2) and still no response… hmmmmm. Makes ya wonder don’t it?!?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#483d8b]I know you happy knitters are there somewhere. Come out, come out, wherever you are…:hiding: I live in northeast Colorado and wonder if anyone on here is from like Sterling or Ft. Morgan or even the Greeley area. I know there has to be at least a couple of ya from the Front Range roamin round here somewhere… c’mon ya’ll I won’t bite (too hard)…:mrgreen: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I live in Telluride and know there are great knitters in the southwest. We even have a new yarn shop - Needlerock Fiber Arts.

Right now, I’m knitting a pair of socks (teaching the Magic Loop), a pair of pedicure socks (easy to teach with on bigger needles), felted placemats and a Lopi sweater for my husband.

I just finished a gorgeous angora short scarf for my niece. I’m sure she will love it!


:cool: [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkslateblue]Way Kewl!!! Glad to meetcha!! It’s nice to meet others from yer own state. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#483d8b]I am a little sad though, (sigh) the closest LYS around here is in Denver (bout 90 miles west of me) and I don’t get out of the county much. I do subscribe to the Boulder chapter of the SnB but can’t go to any of the meetings because that is just really too far. Dangnabt!! But alas, thank gawd fer KP!! There’s really no place round here to buy yarn, cept wallymart. and their selection is, well, to put it nicely, umm, all “wintuck n sayelle” n not much else!![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#483d8b]Right now I am working on my hubbinesses second sock made from KP’s “gloss” and also have other sox waiting in the wings to be made with KP’s “andean treasure”. OMG isn’t that stuff like knitting with silken poofiness?? How can you go back to knitting with acrylic after you’ve knit with that stuff. Dang I’ve gone n spoiled myself for normal yarn, haven’t I? Sheesh!!:roflhard: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#483d8b]O well, It sure is nice, though, to meet someone that is relatively close by. Hope you guys get some more snow, is good for business ya know. It’s been too friggen hot here lately, (It was like 84 degrees here yesterday, like, OMG) what is up with that?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#483d8b]Talk atcha all laters!! :slight_smile: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

mmmmm mountains…

I live in the Denver area (Lakewood, right up near the foothills) with my husband and two cats. I love it here especially since I’ve got 2 good yarn shops within a 10 min drive. I’m so spoiled.

Kewl Desamara,
Welcome to the party!!! I have a sis who lives in Arvada but I don’t get up there too often.
Nice to meetcha!!!:clink:

I read your post and had to make sure I didn’t post it! I live in NW Denver with my husband and 2 cats. I frequent Posh yarn boutique on 39th and Tennyson.

Hiya Jessi n welcome to the party!!!:clink: Colorado bulldogs fer everyone!!! ( that’s just a white russian topped off with cola).
I did manage to find an (L)YS a little closer to me in Sterling. Not so far to drive and it is a nice store. She even has some patterns on Ravelry, her store is “fiberspace” and she does have a website which is like kewl.
I did get some lonesome stone mountain feet sock yarn n hopefully I’ll be able to make some sox with it soon enough. That is, after I get done with the projects at hand.
Right now I’m in the middle of finishing my pinwheel sweater from elann and a crocheted felted fedora, which I have to finish writing down so I can post it on my blog.
Yes, I know, I live out in BFE. But hey, we need culture as well. It sure is nice to actually meet some people, albeit, cybernetically, from yer own neck of the woods.
Thanks ya’ll for posting.

Hi guys, I live in Colorado Springs!

Hiya KW87 n welcome to the party!!!:clink:
It’s nice to know that there are other peeps in the neighborhood!!!:thumbsup:

Hi! I’m in Denver!

Hiya Tangle,
Nice to meetcha :hug: I saw that you joined the Any Sock KAL too!! Kewl:thumbsup: Them are a talkative and fun bunch of ladies on that one.
:balloons: More like a sock chatroom!!:roflhard:
What part of Denver do you live in? My sis lives in Aurora.

Hi fibrenut!
I’m in the middle of the city–there seem to be lots of yarn stores around, but am still trying to find my favorite.
Yup, love the sock KAL so far! The socks . . . that’s another matter. So frustrating :wall:, but I guess I should post about that in the KAL thread!

I live in Jamestown (Northwest of Boulder), but am currently staying in Northern NM.

Hiya Drea (got it right this time. LOL):thumbsup:
Nice to see another local face!!!:woot:

Hi everyone! My name is Bobbi and I live in Superior, Colorado by Flat Irons Mall, NW of Denver also in the foothills. It is way cold here lately don’t you think? Good times to knit. I am brand new to knitting, married, 4 grown children, 1st grandbaby on the way in August, 1 dog (Charlie Bear), 1 cat (Nakita Marie), 1 gecko lizard (Lizzie). I love needlework, travel, reading, swimming and warm (not hot) weather and my work as a Radiographer. Hope you all can bring me up to speed as I just love all the creative yarns, designs & patterns. Working on my first EZ baby surprise jacket and having quite a time with it (I am getting frustrated with the lack of instruction).

Good to meet you all! My LYS is MewMews yarn shop in Louisville, CO

Hiya Bobbi and welcome!!!:hug:
Hopefully we can share some of the projects we are workin on and maybe help each other out with probs or ask questions n stuff. I know there’s an SnB group that meets up in Boulder at least twice a week (tuesdays n saturdays I believe) I joined the yahoo group but won’t ever be able to go to any of the meetups. I live like out in BFE on the plains and am too far from anything in the Foothills to validate me driving up there. :waah:

I’m in nothern Colorado in Loveland which is near to Ft. Collins, Greeley, Estes, etc. We have a super yarn shop here called Woolen Treasures and Lambs Spun in Ft. Collins. My son and daughter-in-law live in Lakewood and we’ve visited some of the yarn stores in that area … and yes, I’ve been to the one on Tennyson. Cute little shop. I’m making my first sweater called the Celtic Cardigan by Oat Couture with a wool/silk blend. Glad to know there is a yarn shop in Sterling as I likely will drive the short cut through that area to get to 1-80 for my trip back to Minnesota in May. You guys on the eastern plains really get that bad weather don’t you!

Hiya Sheri!!
Kewl, that you live on the Front Range there. Lotsa good stuff and lotsa LYS’s there.
Where we live on the plains, on the I-76 corridor, the bad weather gets about as far as Wiggins hill and them splits off either north or south and we usually just end up getting teased!!! :roflhard: LOL!!!

Hi All! My name is Jamie and I live in the Fort Collins, CO area. I am new to knitting. Well I have actually attempted to knit a few times in the past but always ended up frustrated and confused. I am determined to become a good knitter and to enjoy it! One of the reasons I want to knit is so that I can make socks. I love warm fuzzy socks!

I look forward to getting to know all of you!

Hiya Jamie!!!:hug: Welcome hun!!
Sox are soooo much fun, especially when you find a particular technique for doing them and then the variations from there are endless!!! Personally, I like doing them toe up either on double points or two circ needles.