Does anyone have this tote bag?

I’ve seen this bag online:

and I’d like to know if anyone here has one of these. If so, how do you like it? Is it really big? I’d prefer to actually see a bag “in person” before buying, but I have a hard time getting to a store.

Any tips/thoughts on which tote bag you’d recommend?


I’ve never seen that, but I like it. There’s a long thread on the ‘perfect knitting bag’ here. You might find something or post the pic there and see if anyone has seen it in person.:waving:

Thanks Arielluria!!!

I did go to that post and took a look at ALL the bags that everyone had posted about. So far, I haven’t found anything that I like or is cheap enough.

When I visited Office Max last week I found a GREAT bag, BUT it cost $69.99!!! My husband would choke if I spent that kind of $$. I really need to find something soon, because my current bag is falling apart on the inside and little flakes from the lining are rubbing off and getting all over my current project. I’ve started putting said project inside a zip-lock plastic bag to keep it “flake free”!!!

In the meantime, I’ve been looking at bags everywhere I go!

Thanks again!

I’ve seen & bought great ones in denim or some other heavy material super cheap at Target & Walmart. Also Hobby Lobby has great ones, my first bag was from there and I still use it.

You might just want to go with that since it’s an emergency and keep an eye out for what you REALLY want later. It’s also good to have those that you don’t mind letting get all beat up if you travel or something.

I was glad I waited because the Jordana Paige one I fell in love with was too expensive for me, so I created an eBay alert for it and with patience got the EXACT bag I wanted for 1/2 the price, brand new! Someone bought it & never used it.

Good luck!