Does anyone have the Jordana Paige knitting purse?

Is it worth the $78 bucks?

I was thinking of getting 1 b/c it looks like my Kate Spade Sam but with actual room for a project AND my girlie essentials… please give some feedback b4 I buy yet another purse LOL

Anne aka Roxy

I have this bag and use it all the time. I carry it so much that yesterday I walked into a store to buy dog food and realized I was carrying my knitting and not my purse!

I want that bag sooo bad… Bag-oholic :lol:

Jordana Paige rocks!

I just received my [size=6]knitter’s purse[/size] - red, well, more of a claret color… :smiley:

Worth every penny, shipping was free, and it has so much room that I am looking for stuff to fill it with!

I’m getting the black one as well with my next bonus – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and risk-free… she has a 10-day return policy if you change your mind & the bag is in new, saleable condition. Check it out!

I am addicted to this purse and I get compliments every day (I’ll stand in line @ the bank & knit, or in the grocery store or @ the post office… great conversation starter :smiley: )

Again I highly recommend this purse, best knitting investment I’ve made in a long time! ---- very well thought out and CHIC … instant cool when you carry this and knit in public---- definitely fills in the pauses of the day, to quote the JP website…



:inlove: this bag!!!

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I want to get a look at the new messenger bag!!! :inlove: :inlove: wow wow wow…it’s gonna be hot