Does anyone have the Fall '04 FC Easy Knitting mag?

I have a question about one of the patterns!! Really, it’s kind of dumb…but I am finishing the “poncho with boa trim” for my mother, who made it for my mother-in-law, but got to busy to finish the seaming. Confused yet? :rofling:

My MIL gave my mom the pattern, but not the picture. What I need to know is if this particular poncho has a shirttail hem, with side vents of some kind. That’s what it looks like to me, but my mom seamed all the way down one side…and it’s kind of funky…so I’m all :??

Please please please, does someone have this pic?? Thanks! :smiley:

I probably have it. I’ll check on it when I get home, but that won’t be until about 9:00 tonight. Sorry to make you wait.

That’s fine! Thank you so much!!

I’m still at the library! I haven’t forgotten, I promise.

Okay, here we go—

It’s a Bernat pattern, it’s a freebie advertisement pattern in the mag. You might check the Bernat site to see if they have a pic. It looks like it is sewn all the way down, no vent. Then the boa trim is sewn on evenly around the bottom edge. Since it’s an ad, I have no problem with cutting this out and mailing it to you. PM me if you want it. :smiley:

Thank you sooo much – that’s definietly enough to go on!! :smiley:

Oops…one more question…does it look like it has arm openings? This is one freaky poncho. :roflhard:

Hah! I spent fifteen minutes wandering around the house looking for the mag. My house is remarkably neat at the moment. WHERE is it? :?? I found it on the top of the pile of knitting magazines in my yarn chest. :rofling: What was I thinking, picking up after myself?

It really does look like there are sleeves, but the model has one arm draped over something, and the other side is draped over her leg, so it’s hard to tell.

:thinking: I think that’s where the direction to “sew side seams” comes in.