Does anyone have the book Vogue Knitting Accessorize?

I think there is a pattern in their for an argyle scarf, but I am not sure and I don’t want to buy the book if there is not. I saw a Vogue book with an argyle scarf pattern in it and want to make it but don’t want to buy the wrong one. So, if you have it, could you pretty please check for me???

Thanks in advance!

Hi Becca - I checked this out f/my library last week - yes, there’s a nice argyle pattern in there, in blue/navy/white. Hope that helps!

Personally, though, I was disappointed w/the rest of the patterns in there, with the argyle scarf as the only one I liked.

Thanks so much! I might try getting out of the library so I can just make that one pattern because that was the only one my boyfriend and I really liked.

He will be so surprised when I hand this completed scarf to him!

I checked it out, and I wouldn’t buy it. The Argyle Scarf is the only good pattern in there. (in my opinion)

Thank you both for your answers to my question. I really want to make this scarf for my boyfriend as a surprise but don’t want the book with only one good pattern, and the Boston Public Library doesn’t carry it, though they do carry a lot of other Vogue Knitting Books. I wonder if I can get it inter-library loan or something.