Does anyone have that tube sock pattern?

I lost my hard copy :pout: for the EZ knit tube sock and the link on google won’t work for me

Try here.


HEY! Thanks for the link, I downloaded it and am going to give it a try. I’ve not done a sock before and this might be a good “pre sock sock”!

[color=indigo]Hi Ginny,

My thoughts exactly! I am about 2/3 finished with both sox of my first pair - using this pattern. "I don’t need no stinkeeennnng heeeelzz!

Looking nice so far.

I wish you luck with yours.



My first pair of socks were tube socks which I knit in the round using Wool-Ease. I think I used a free pattern from Frugalhaus. I’d give you the link, but when I clicked onto it, it wouldn’t open. I’m not sure if my link isn’t good, or if it’s a problem with my computer. I still cannot access knittingpatterncentral, either. :!!!:

Have you tried the url that’s numbers - for the pattern directory.


THANK YOU, SUE!!! :cheering:

I have sorely missed browsing through the patterns there!