Does Anyone Have Pattern For Baby Socks?

I went to a knitting night at a LYS last week and loved it … the gals there say that sock knitting is mindless but if I was going to try it, try first with baby socks … better than booties cause they stay on …

Expecting a new grandson in March and would like to try socks … does anyone have a pattern they could give a link to and tell me what kind of yarn and size needles would work?


This pattern was the first sock I knitted. It has all the elements of sock construction but in a smaller size so much easier to start and finish without feeling overwhelmed. I think the pattern gives options for needle size/yarn weight depending on what size sock you are after.

If, on this site, you go to the free patterns page, then go to socks, the baby socks are down at the bottom. I knitted the north country cotton baby socks the first time i ever knit socks. So so so simple and easy. They make cute little socks!!! :muah: xxx